excited people push their way through cramped aisles, the front, wiggling cat ears sticking out of the crowd, somewhere there is a chain armor rustling. The oppressive heat in some of the halls of the Gamescom seems to have no big impact on the swarm as soon as the pushes to one become of the people mass in one of the exhibition halls, it captures a unique atmosphere. The thumping bass of game presentations shake you to the core. Some visitors are opting out of the batch, to be in awe of the metre-high stands, which go up under the high Ceilings of the exhibition halls. In these moments, the eyes and the enthusiastic side look to reading friends that the ordeal for some, has paid off.


Some of the exhibition stands are flashy and crazy. This state of the game “Borderlands 3” inspired the visitors

©Melissa Hertwig Gamescom: other dimensions

Since 2009, Cologne is transformed every year towards the end of August the sanctuary for Gaming Fans. Until today, the visitor numbers have increased by approximately 100,000 people to a total of 373.000 gambler, the exhibition area grew to become the proud 218.000 square meters. What works for die-hard visitors to the fair now normal, is for newcomers to be quite overwhelming, the halls seem like an impenetrable maze. The special feature of the Gamescom is for the gamblers, that they may most upcoming games-Hits from all over the world ante. More than 1,000 exhibitors are on-site, games, Trailer, distribute hardworking promotional gifts or inform them about the latest technology, and Jobs. But, above all, players can share here is to do with like-minded people to talk, on one level.


Per day Jenny (left) and Magdalena (on the right), take only the visit of a trade fair stand firmly – the Rest of the day you spend more or less spontaneously

©Melissa Hertwig

Jenny, 22, and Magdalena, 20 are traveled, from Arnsberg. The two of them to stand for several hours in a queue in order of the film presentation of a role-play view. Annoyed, the young women don’t look – you are in a good mood, friendly, warm smile. Since seven or six years ago, the two sisters return in the Rhenish metropolis. “Here no one laughs at this, if you play this or that game”, tells the trainees Magdalena. “On the work, however, the Hobby is not good at all”. For the exhibition she has taken even a week’s holiday.


On Gamescom Wednesday, the halls of the Cologne trade fair are still relatively empty. On Fridays and Saturdays, the terrain is mostly Packed

©Melissa Hertwig “Festival-Feeling” included

The voices louder, the presenters can be heard through the hall behind the two women, someone a rattling camping chair – part of the standard equipment for the trade fair visitors, some of which have to wait up to five hours in front of the stands, until you can take the Controller in Hand. Jenny and Magdalena remain brave stand. A man with a fully Packed Rucksack, squeezed past them, muttering some apologetic words. Magdalena wears a short forehead, back, but quickly add to the good mood. For four days this Games madness the young women spend around 60 to 70 Euro exclusive Tickets. Per day the admission is in advance, 16.50 euros, for students and trainees, the cards are reduced to ten Euro. Student Jenny gambles according to his own statement, more than her sister. “In the past, took me to my father, he has brought us a bit of it. On Saturdays, he is now always, like a family trip”. Every day you drive with the car to Cologne and back in the home – two hours by car. The “Festival-Feeling” of the Gamescom, is it worth it to you, the people are so open, the audience is mixed.


of Course, there are not only so-called ball games at Gamescom – here are a couple of the players try at the Simulation, “Planet Zoo”

©Melissa Hertwig

So the Gamescom is also understood itself as “the heart of the global Gaming scene”. The largest European fair is one of the most important events for the industry, including star-studded. World champion Lothar Matthäus was in a press screening look, Youtuber and Streamer out of it. For the German industry, the fair is also an opportunity to convince the policy by itself. This year, among other things, transport Minister Andreas Scheuer and digital Minister of state Dorothee Bär, the game fair, opened. Baer stressed in her speech that Gaming is not a niche phenomenon anymore: “anyone Who is aware that every second German plays, and the biggest group are the over 50s, is clear: Gaming is now firmly in the mainstream of society.”


Crazy: On the Gamescom in 2019, a talking robot drew its circles by any of the Merch halls

©Melissa Hertwig diversity among the visitors

At the fair are, however, mostly young men. You are pounding with a heavy step, with huge bags velvet printed advertising and exhibitors provided cardboard-seat blocks through the dark, scratched-up floor of the exhibition halls. Only around a quarter of the visitors are actually women. Between the rather nondescript people, visitors catch a glimpse of often so-called Cosplayer. The disguised people people grapes, one after the other pulls out phone or camera to this Moment come quickly – the Moment you encounter the cult figures or fictional idols in reality. Cosplayer cobble together their costumes, usually self-effort, so that you game, movie or anime figures in Detail are similar. These works of art present make you proud of Gamescom, for example in the specially imaginary Cosplay Village – that seems to be this year, however, shrunk.


Sven and Deborah modify your Cosplay once in a while – but they are always disguised as characters from the “Fallout” on-the – go

©Melissa Hertwig

The Cosplay Couple, Sven, 31, and Deborah, 33, visited for almost ten years, the exhibition now. He is a professional driver, you are a geriatric nurse. “We are mainly for others here, to be honest”, admits Sven. The conversation is interrupted several times by enthusiastic people. One of them asks whether there is a lying around on the ground mask was going to have another fast with the two scan, still someone shuffles first, then turns and speaks a great compliment for the Costume. Then he embraced in his slightly sweaty Velcro suit all present in the series. “Here, all are nice to each other – in the city it’s worse than in here.”, so, Sven. “Here, players are”. For the exhibition stands of the developers, the two do not care, but the private visit days – from Wednesday it was just too full to have something to play.


In hall 10 are Retro – and families-Area, Job-info stands and the Indie Village under one roof

©Melissa Hertwig Clash of the generations

Away from the hyped, modern title in the main area there is a hall ten, with a Retro and family area, next to information booths on career opportunities and the indie game area. This hall is not only a parallel world, like the Rest of the fair, but a little trip back in time. Decades-old Arcade machines, as well as past console models, or PCs like the C64 attract Old and Young in front of the flickering screens. Nowhere in the fair, so many different age groups come together like this. In addition, the crowd thins out in this area – this is a much more pleasant experience for the visitors who go through the dark corridors.

Shortly before 19 o’clock, so shortly before the end, flows the most visitors in the direction of the exit. Once outside, they fly off in all directions – probably glad that the exhausting day of the fair comes so slowly to the end. The feet pain, the eyes need to get used to again a proper exposure. But one thing is for sure: most of them come back. Maybe tomorrow, but pretty sure in the next year.

source: Gamescom

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